Ages 15 to 30

This service aims to promote the integration of young people into employment by using the approach of occupational therapy and employability. It includes a comprehensive assessment of the person and their environment. An action plan is proposed to the young person and to the employer in order to promote long-term job retention. Financial support in the form of a salary contribution is also offered to the employer.

Who can participate in this program?

  • Youth ages 15 to 30

  • Be available to participate in an intensive personalized program and a 20-week job integration and maintenance follow-up

  • Be ready to take action through various activities such as observation courses

If this initiative interests you, visit your local CJE or the Quebec Services Office of your MRC in order to verify your eligibility.

Pending board approval and depending on the type of project, there is a possibility for funding and reimbursement of certain expenses directly related to the project. This could include childcare, transportation or training costs.