Our mission

The mandate of Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Sherbrooke is to provide support and guidance to youth ages 16-35 in their quest for economic and social advancement. Support will be provided for individuals who are seeking employment, returning to school or looking to launch a personal project. The purpose of the activities and services offered by the CJE is to improve the general living conditions of our youth.

Our values

In order to meet (and hopefully exceed!) our clients’ expectations, we align our values with the actions and behaviours fitting a community organization with such a privileged role.

Professionalism (trust, transparency, responsibility and services)

The relationships we build with our clients are based on trust. To establish a safe environment, we always communicate information to third-parties in a transparent manner, ensuring that the information is accurate and timely. The personnel at Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Sherbrooke commit to honouring their promises and assuming responsibility for their actions and behaviours. This means being available, attentive and ready to help, all while helping to advance the client’s interest, growth and progression.

Respect and integrity

Because of the values we uphold as an organization and as professionals, we recognize our capabilities and limitations within the framework of the services we provide.

Communication and collaboration

The Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Sherbrooke promotes collaboration between itself and the Sherbrooke community by engaging in frequent open dialogue. We aim for valued communication and useful collaborations in order to improve the effectiveness of our actions and visibility of our organization.


In keeping with our mission, enthusiasm for what we do is essential. We demonstrate our passion through our professional actions, approaches and attitudes. This energy contributes to efficient strategies for cultivating the professional and educational growth of our clientele.