The CJE helps youth develop their own personal projects in an academic setting. Youth participants carry out various stages of the entrepreneurial process; making decisions and assuming considerable responsibility throughout its entirety.

These activities result in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are transferable to both the classroom and workplace. Youth become the project managers; mediating entrepreneurial projects or creating collectively-owned businesses. Preforming these tasks will inspire young individuals to be bold and creative while overcoming challenges…to truly become the leaders of tomorrow.


Volunteer projects in a school setting and in conjunction with the objectives set out by Politique québécoise de la jeunesse. These projects promote youth involvement and skill development.

The objectives of this service are as follows :

  • To reinforce young people’s sense of belonging in their community;
  • To aid in their expression as members of their community;
  • To increase awareness in local matters;
  • To provide access to other forms of community participation;
  • To positively influence their personal growth.

Depending on the eligibility criteria, some volunteer projects may be entitled to financial funding or assistance from the CJE.